Motivated by a need to craft great experiences that honor content across all devices and viewports I am a true product of the time we live in—the digital age. I have a background in visual design with the coding skills to boot. I hold the belief that design can be best defined as:

the rendering of intent.Design is the Rendering of Intent

I feel my duty goes far beyond elegant typography and fine tuned grid systems. My job foremost is to align project goals with the experiences I create.




Front-end Developer – present


Front-end development and design on content driven sites and web applications. JavaScript development. PHP and Django

Interactive Developer


Front-end development on client sites and projects. JavaScript development and interaction

Front-end Designer

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Design and coding on a diverse variety of client sites and internal applications. Development of CSS within WordPress and custom PHP. JavaScript development. Version control using Git.

Graphic Designer


Website maintenance and design. Design and coding of email

Shipping Manager

Cardullo's Gourmet Shoppe

Overseer of all aspects of shipping and E-Commerce. Development of signage and media for retail space. Website maintenance until November 2009. Creation and implementation of a new tracking system.


Artist Assistant and Designer

Do While Studio

Live Animal Center Intern

Museum of Science Boston

With thorough knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite I am a Front-end designer well versed in responsive design. I am proficient in CSS, HTML, SASS, and Grunt with working knowledge of JavaScript, PHP and a strong focus on adhering to web standards.


Montserrat College of Art Graphic Design BFA

Middlesex Community College Liberal Arts

  • Film History
  • House / Techno Music
  • Computer Technology

Instagram Feed

I recently started paying more attention to my instagram feed. Enjoy some recent additions from my feed.

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  • Boston's got advertising in their public parks