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A full stackish developer with a strong penchant for building layouts, I am a developer / designer with over ten years of experience. In that time I have seen a lot of code and worked on many different projects. I recently started at a small and scrappy game startup after spending most of my career in media and online learning platforms.

Before starting a career in technology I held jobs that included making gift baskets and sandwiches. This was a valuable and formative time for me.

In my spare time I like to hang out out with my spouse and two cats. I recently have started experimenting with pixel art.


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I am a developer/designer well versed in responsive design. I am proficient in CSS, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript and TypeScript. I am framework agnostic with a strong focus on adhering to web standards. As an all-around creative problem solver, I am also experienced in Node scripting and tooling.

Software Engineer –present
Golden Hearts Games

Built re-usable components in TypeScript, Angular and

Front-end Engineer
Harvard Business Publishing

Built design system components in TypeScript with a focus on web accessibility. Developed features for learning

Senior Front-end Developer

Mentored front-end developers. Orchestrated team to work more efficiently with implementation of mocking content API's using JSON Schema. Guided best practices for writing front-end code and accessibility.

Front-end Engineer
O'Reilly Media

Executed front-end integration of Katacoda scenarios and Jupyter notebooks into O’Reilly’s learning platform.

Interactive Developer

Improved developer and user experience by advocating for transition to inline SVG for interactive architectural

Front-end Designer
Internet Marketing Ninjas

End to end design and coding on a diverse variety of client sites and internal applications. CSS, WordPress, and JavaScript development.

Graphic Designer
amplifyme (volunteer position)

Website maintenance and design. Design and coding of email

Artist Assistant and Designer
Do While Studio
Live Animal Center Intern
Museum of Science Boston
Montserrat College of Art Graphic Design BFA
Middlesex Community College Liberal Arts

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