Lone Lamp Post

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I am starting to create pixel art! I have been an admirer for while and this week with a little extra time on my hands I pulled the trigger on a drawing tablet paired with procreate. What a great decision. This is my first time doing any extensive drawing on a tablet and oh what joy. Specifically, working with the apple pencil on a tablet feels so natural.

Process Section titled Process

I found this process really enjoyable and I shudder to think how long this drawing would have taken without having a tablet as a drawing tool. I created this piece by:

  • using five separate layers
  • using a couple of predefined colors and adjusting saturation and brightness for the palette
  • animated using seven frames at thirteen frames per second

The following is a the result of about eight hours of work split between three sessions. Warning: this video contains flickering lights.

Lone Lamp Post